Optimize Your Well-Being to Become a Better Educator

Smiling Teacher that is taking Teacher Wellness Series courses stretching to maintain health and wellnessThe Teacher Wellness Series courses promote positive change and personal growth in the education profession. Being able to maintain one's wellness is of utmost importance to today's educator. Lessen stress, reduce the potential of illness and promote positive interactions with others. These courses help K-12 educators to become the best that they can be, and how to incorporate wellness into the classroom/school with their students. Courses cover a variety of topics including burnout, compassion fatigue, and self development/identity.

Who Should Attend

All educators, including teachers, counselors, school nurses, administrators and others wanting to promote positive change within their lives (and their students) by becoming more aware of their own health and wellness.

Program Details

Enroll in one or more courses in this series.

You can expect the following from the Online Self-Paced courses in this series:

  • You can go online when convenient, completing course within six months from enrollment
  • As long as you have access to the Internet (and any text book requirements stated, if applicable), you can complete assignments
  • You'll read articles and watch videos, and interact with resources provided within the course
  • Completed assignments are submitted and then evaluated by assigned instructor
  • Instructor interaction and feedback are provided between assignments

You can expect the following from the Independent Study Self-Paced course (EDU-X768L Only) in this series:

  • You can independently work on course work, completing course within nine months from enrollment
  • You will read articles and watch videos, and interact with resources provided within the course
  • Instructor is available by email
  • Completed assignments are submitted online upon completion of the entire course, and then evaluated by assigned instructor
  • Instructor provide provides feedback to your submitted work.  Final grade is issued and posted to your record for transcript.
  • Identify and implement healthy positive strategies to self-monitor and maintain personal balance to enhance your teaching skills
  • Strengthen and prolong your teaching career
  • Become mindfully aware of self-identity and emotions that allow one to be more present and productive in the classroom
  • Model health and well-being to students
“This class [EDU-X787K, Banish Burnout] helped me reflect upon my own life. There is nothing more important than taking care of one's self. When I signed up for this class, I was struggling to get it done. However, now that I have completed the readings and the projects, I feel empowered. I feel stronger. I feel that this class has helped me slow down and "smell the roses". Thank you!” -- Wanda L., Educator, Grades 7 & 8, Lakenheath Middle School, United Kingdom
"My knowledge of mindfulness has changed a lot since beginning this course [EDU-X767L, Introduction to the Mindful Classroom]. I now know many more specific applications for this practice in my classroom, and for my life. Specifically, ideas like sensory mindfulness and its application on writing is something that I have taken away from my time in this course." -- Andrew Herrmann, Educator, Havertown, Pennsylvania
"This course [EDU-X787K, Banish Burnout] couldn't have come at a better time in my teaching career. I got so much out of it." -- Donna Cardona, Fresno Unified School District
“I have to admit I feel pretty overwhelmed by all the wonderful insight and proactive approaches discussed in this amazing course [EDU-X787K, Banish Burnout]. I truly feel like it was a case of perfect timing for me. I feel I was able to be brutally honest with myself and our instructor and therefore received many invaluable lessons from the course.” -- Audra L., Educator, Reno, Nevada
"The assignments [EDU-X768L] were meaningful and thought provoking and [she] exposed me to new art and ways of seeing it and the world around us through it." -- Douglas Connell, English Language Arts Educator, Grades 10-12, Corona, California

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