Course Description

Understand How Your Students' Minds Work and How You Can Use That to Improve Learning

Learning with the Brain in Mind is applicable for anyone interested in expanding professional growth, continuing education, or understanding how we learn. Insights into brain development and its effects on learning is one of the least understood areas in education yet one of the most important in promoting healthy brain development and learning. This course balances theory and practical application, facilitating brain function with successful tips and strategies for use in and outside of the classroom. Topics include how genetics, environments, and gender affect the brain’s ability to learn and concentrate, and also how the brain’s ability to learn is influenced by sensory experiences, diet, and exercise. Information provided in this course will assist lesson design by connecting brain-compatible learning strategies to synthesis, application, and recall of prior knowledge to underpin new learning experiences.

Previously titled "Teaching with the Brain in Mind".

Learner Outcomes

  • Describe both theoretical and practical information about how the brain learns and retains information
  • Plan strategies that hold attention and inspire motivation
  • Plan strategies that recall information
  • Use information about brain function for teaching and learning
  • Use appropriate assessment methods
  • Construct discipline policies for a positive classroom environment
  • Utilize brain-based principles to lower stress in the classroom
  • Explain the importance of and implement formative brain-compatible assessment with special and behavioral needs
  • Explain the importance of and implement social emotional learning

Course Details

Number of Units: 3.0 graduate level extension credit(s) in semester hours

Who Should Attend: This course provides continuing education for teachers and educators interested in understanding how their students learn in order to make teaching more effective

Course Materials: Text, Brain-Based Learning: Teaching the Way Students Really Learn, 3rd edition by Eric Jensen and Liesl McConchie, available at Amazon.com or your local bookstore.

Technical Requirements

Applies Towards the Following Certificate(s), Professional Programs and Series

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