Course Description

Identify, Align, and Develop Your Vision and Direction for Personal and Professional Growth

What if everything you learned about living your best life was wrong? Living a genius life does not happen by accident. You must know what you want before you get what you deserve. The "Rules of the Game" for your life do not exist, you have to create them. Maximize your Time, Money, Focus, Freedom, and Identity. In this course, you will create your blueprint for:

• The 5 most important areas of focus for the next year regarding self-care, business, wealth-building, relationships, and focus

• Measurable evidence that you are growing within these areas and the activities to get you there

• The boundaries and rules to stick to your personal and professional goals, needs, and wants

• Living your perfect day and those most important moments over and over again

• Designing your genius life!

This five-step process called “designing genius” empowers you to show up to your life more intentionally, impactfully, and energetically. Once you have these five steps down, making decisions regarding your time, energy, and focus becomes easier because you have done the work.

Learner Outcomes

  • Examine the 5 Most Important Areas of their life right now (Career, Self, Wealth Generation, Relationships, Education, Community, etc.)
  • Determine what they want to accomplish in each of these areas and how to move the needle forward (for example, someone who wants to become a marketing director will identify the next steps towards that goal)
  • Identify the daily activities they need to take in each area in order to achieve their goal
  • Understand why taking care of SELF first is the most important step to genius living (health, wellbeing, fulfillment, etc)
  • Eliminate distractions in order to focus in on what is most important
  • Learn the importance of strain and recovery and how that skill increases a person's capacity
  • Create healthy boundaries to protect their time, energy, and focus
  • Understand how quickly human behavior works to produce on-demand results and outcomes
  • Know how to increase their "flow state" by spending more time doing things they love and less time on tasks that are draining
  • Develop better personal and professional communication skills by understanding human behaviorism

Course Details

Number of Units:  1.0 graduate level extension credit(s) in semester hours

Who Should Attend:  This course provides continuing education to professionals in the workplace, including Entrepreneurs, Managers, Contributing Team Members, and Corporate Employees.  This course helps individuals identify what they want to achieve with the necessary steps to reaching those goals whether it is with their career, finances, or relationships. In Designing Genius they build the blueprint that allows them to grow into what that perfect personal and professional life looks like for them.

Course Materials:  None.  You will have access to Designing Genius: Success Is an Inward Journey by Amilya Antonetti and Patricia Wooster within the online course in ebook format.

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BUS Course Fee credit (1 units) $349.00
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