Course Description

Credit Validation for National Geographic Society Online Course Participants Only

National Geographic's Geo-Inquiry Process is an instructional strategy that helps students develop the attitudes, skills, knowledge, and tools of a geographer.  It provides a systematic way to investigate and understand the world through the patterns, processes, and interactions between human and natural systems, take action on issues they identify, and make a difference in their own communities.  The Geo-Inquiry Process is a powerful way to put the National Geographic Framework into action and create critically thinking and informed citizens who are able to take informed action at local, regional, and global scales.  Just like National Geographic Explorers, students can make a difference in their world and should analyze issues from multiple perspectives.  Empowering students with the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and the Geo-Inquiry Process enables them to investigate and act on authentic, interactive, and complex challenges facing our world and their communities.

During the Geo-Inquiry Process, teachers facilitate a learning experience in which students ask geographic questions, collect geospatial data, and then visualize that data in order to create a compelling story that drives an action.  In this course, the focus will be on teaching and learning using the Geo-Inquiry Process and incorporating the process into learners' teaching practice in a way that is appropriate to the subject(s) and grade(s).  The course provides the tools and strategies, as well as insights about each of the five phases of the Geo-Inquiry Process.

Make sure you are enrolled in the Connecting the Geo-Inquiry Process to Your Teaching Practice course with National Geographic Society. Visit the National Geographic Society website to enroll in this course.

Learner Outcomes

  • Understand the Geo-Inquiry Process and how it can be aligned with one's teaching practice
  • Explore skills that are integral to the Geo-Inquiry Process and cultivating the mindset of an explorer
  • Prepare to implement the Geo-Inquiry Process in one's instructional practice by creating a Geo-Inquiry Process Implementation Plan
  • Share and reflect one's practices in a collaborative, online environment

Course Details

Number of Units: 2.0 graduate level extension credit(s) in semester hours

Who Should Attend: This course provides continuing education for National Geographic Society online course participants, particularly K-12 school teachers of any subject(s) or grade(s). No prior knowledge about geography, the Geo-Inquiry Process, or the National Geographic Learning Framework is required. Teaching experience and access to students in a classroom is recommended.



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