Course Description

Make Vocabulary Learning Fun and Student Learning More Meaningful

This course provides Grades 1-6 teachers creative strategies to teach vocabulary skills within Language Arts standards. Teaching vocabulary and getting students to retain information can be a challenge. In this course, teachers will be equipped with methods for teaching a variety of vocabulary strategies using children's literature that focuses on vocabulary-based stories. Children can actually take part in these lessons with engaging activities that will provide them with critical skills to further their knowledge of word analysis. In doing so, students will also increase their reading and comprehension abilities.

In this course, students and teachers will learn new strategies to retain vocabulary skills, join in a word analysis parade, play word games and actually engage in fun educational projects. Vocabulary acquisition is a valuable component to accelerating students' learning. The focus will be on rich meaning, connections and usage among words while involving students in physical activities that involve visual, vocal, and tangible learning activities.  When teachers have completed this course, they will have lessons and activities ready to implement vocabulary learning in their classrooms.

Assignments can be completed without access to students.

Learner Outcomes

  • Teach vocabulary acquisition strategies creatively
  • Discover how to make vocabulary acquisition come alive
  • Conduct and provide research on a chosen vocabulary standard and creative vocabulary strategies
  • Develop lesson plans that connect standards and literature creatively
  • Create two specified standards-based games and a vocabulary menu
  • Develop and organize a student group vocabulary project
  • Apply course concepts into a vocabulary parade connected to literature and standards
  • Reflect on information acquired

Course Details

Number of Units: 3.0 graduate level extension credit(s) in semester hours

Who Should Attend: This course provides continuing education for new or veteran educators teaching first through sixth grade who want to make literature and vocabulary study come alive while building vocabulary skills with their students.

Course Materials:  Participants must have access to the children's book, Miss Alaineus, A Vocabulary Disaster by Debra Frasier, available at Amazon.com, your school or public library, or local bookstore.  Also, access to one of the following children's books based on grade level and student need which will be determined by reviewing the lesson plans in the course. These books can be found at your school or public library, local bookstore or at Amazon.com.

The Word Collector by Sonja Wimmer (first grade)
The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds (second grade)
Max's Words by Kate Banks (third grade)
Donavan's Word Jar by Monalisa DeGross (fourth grade)
Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster by Debra Frasier (fifth grade)
The Boy Who Loved Words by Roni Schotter (sixth grade)


"Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Looking forward to implementing it next year." -- Marysol Ulloa, Educator, Cucamonga School District, California

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