Course Description

Begin this Exploration and Bring History into Today's Classroom

Historical Spotlights - World War I is designed for K-14 educators to critically examine the history of WWI, the historical context and diplomatic relations that led to the war, the spark that ignited the conflict, evolution of modern warfare, with emphasis on how the war impacted our modern world.  Participants will conclude with a final course project in which a virtual learning experience is created for K-14 students.

Learner Outcomes

  • Examine the origins, history, and lasting impact of World War I
  • Describe ways in which an understanding of the history of World War I, and how it shaped the modern world, is valuable as an educator
  • Utilize materials related to the history of World War I to create media-rich instruction for K-14 students

Course Details

Number of Units: 2.0 graduate level extension credit(s) in semester hours

Who Should Attend: This course provides continuing education for teachers (Grade K-14) looking to reignite their passion for history, interested in a cross-curricular approach, and interested in developing civic-minded students.

Course Materials: Audio Course, The Modern Scholar: World War I: The Great War and the World It Made by John Ramsden, available online at audible.com, iTunes, and Amazon.com to download.  Materials may also be available at or from: eBay, Craig's List, public libraries, or your school library.

Technical Requirements

ADA Accommodations:  Professional and Continuing Education is committed to promoting knowledge and academic excellence for all learners. The University of San Diego's Disability and Learning Difference Resource Center helps students with verified disabilities obtain meaningful academic accommodations and support to help improve access to Professional and Continuing Education programs and courses.  If you are a student who would like to be considered for academic accommodations, please visit USD's Disability and Learning Difference Resource Center's website and follow the instructions under Requesting Services.

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