Course Description

Develop and Maintain a Healthy Level of Caring in the Classroom

For most educators, teaching is more than just a job . . . it’s a calling to help build a better world one student at a time.  Despite the best of intentions, there are times when it becomes overwhelming to maintain this feeling.  Compassion fatigue can erode the joy and happiness you once held for teaching and lead to overall negativity, cynicism, etc.  This course will teach you how to put the joy back into teaching, establish professional boundaries and still gain personal satisfaction of helping shape the future without sacrificing compassion or quality instruction.

(Formerly titled:  Conquer Compassion Fatigue - Self Care Strategies for Educators Rev. 7/1/2023)

Learner Outcomes

  • Understand compassion fatigue definitions, symptoms and contributing factors
  • Identify and monitor personal/individual levels of compassion fatigue
  • Develop a stress management and self-care plan of action
  • Understand how to create a ripple effect by cultivating a compassionate classroom
  • Implement healthy boundaries and identify alternative ways to help meet the needs of students
  • Learn real-life strategies to reduce compassion fatigue while still building a caring classroom
  • Recognize personal risk factors and develop strategies to combat the problem in the future

Course Details

Number of Units: 2.0 graduate level extension credit(s) in semester hours

Who Should Attend: This course provides continuing education for teachers (Grade K-12) that regularly work with students that have physical, mental or emotional disabilities; teachers that work with abused, traumatized or neglected students, including foster care; teachers who work in areas dealing with high crime rates, poverty or violence; and teachers that routinely go “above and beyond” for the welfare of their students.  Other school personnel, such as counselors, coaches and school nurses will also benefit from this course.

Course Materials: No textbook requirement

Technical Requirements


"I now realize that first off, Compassion Fatigue is normal. That there are SO many ways to help get the Compassion Satisfaction back up and to get the Compassion Fatigue lowered! I feel better about myself. I love helping people. I love working with kids. I now have ways that I can take care of myself and I will be better able to take care of others. I will put my oxygen mask on before helping others. Oh, I also know that it is o.k. to say 'no.' " -- Brian Enoch, 1st Grade Educator, Diamond Elementary School, Fort Stewart, Georgia
"I needed this class. I'm such a better person for taking it. I liked that the instructor saw the value of my personal life and how it carries over to my professional life." -- Marcia Garber, Parlier Unified School District, Parlier, CA

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