Plant the Seed of Social Changemaking with Your Students Now

Drawing of Social Changemaker, Nelson Mandela, who is one of the many subjects in the Social Changemakers SeriesA changemaker is one that wants to make a change in his/her community or the world and gathers the resources to implement that change for the greater good.

The Social Changemakers Series will introduce K-12 educators to a variety of social changemakers and provide opportunities for them to learn about those that have made significant contributions to the world or their communities. Participants will take this information and design engaging, dynamic and standard-based lessons and presentations for use in the classroom. By learning more on the lives of these selected trailblazers, teachers can emphasize with their students their own ability to make positive changes in the world with passion, problem solving and innovation.

The University of San Diego is a designated Ashoka U Changemaker Campus. To note, USD is one of just over 40 universities worldwide to have this distinction.
Being a Changemaker is something that everyone can do and there are many ways to act on it.
“At USD, we believe that everyone can practice changemaking. We encourage you to commit to be in the service of addressing social issues that matter to you and explore new ideas that will have a positive impact.” USD Changemaker Hub.
'To be in the service of’ means that we approach our changemaking pursuits with humility and that we understand that our efforts are linked to those who have pursued social justice in the past and those who will follow our own efforts.

Who Should Attend

This series of courses is designed for both elementary and secondary level teachers that want to explore the life of a selected social changemaker, and want to incorporate their learning into their curriculum, as well as providing changemaking inspiration with students.

Program Details

Enroll in one or more courses in this series.

  • Research resources related to a specific changemaker for use in creating a lesson plan for use in your classroom
  • Develop a presentation from your findings for use with your lesson plan
  • Create grade level appropriate learning outcomes and assessments for your lesson plan
  • Develop a grade level appropriate lesson plan, utilizing all elements from the course, for use in your own classroom

Additional Details

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