Develop New Perspectives on History

A generic history book that is representative of USD's Historical Spotlights SeriesThe Historical Spotlights Series courses are designed to give K-14 educators a knowledge base and appreciation for historical events.  Courses cover a variety of topics including wars, ancient European peoples and cultures, castles, explorers, American natives, presidents and baseball.  Just pick the area that interests you and begin your journey back in time.

Who Should Attend

These courses would be valuable to Grade K-14 teachers looking to foster a deeper appreciation for history and social science, and instill the same in their students.

Program Details

Enroll in one or more courses in this series.

You can expect the following from these Online Self-Paced courses:

  • You can go online when convenient, completing course within six months from enrollment
  • As long as you have access to the Internet (and any text book requirements stated, if applicable), you can complete assignments
  • You'll read articles and watch videos, and interact with resources provided within courses
  • Completed assignments are submitted and then evaluated by assigned instructor
  • Instructor interaction and feedback are provided between assignments
  • Develop an appreciation for the history, culture, contributions and legacy of important historical events and periods
  • Use material related to the historical event or period to create media-rich instruction for K-14 students

Additional Details

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