Make Reading a Part of Your Professional Growth

Teacher taking USD Project READ for DoDEA International Educators Series is leading a lesson in front of students in a circle in the classroomProject READ is an independent study program designed for busy educators who wish to remain on the "cutting edge" in their chosen disciplines. Project READ was developed by the University of San Diego's Division of Professional and Continuing Education in conjunction with educators from the Department of Defense Education Activity and Overseas International Schools. The courses in this series are approved by DoDEA.

Who Should Attend

These courses are designed for Department of Defense (DoDEA) and international school educators.

Program Details

  • Choose a course from our Project READ Series, which corresponds to an approved book title. Scroll down on this page to find courses. (NOTE: Book titles not on this list will not be considered at this time). Read the book.
  • Process what you have read.
  • Respond to three specific questions:
    • What were the most appealing or the most important ideas expressed by the author(s)?
    • What are the implications of the ideas in the book for you as an educator? Or, how will you implement the ideas with your students?
    • What ideas of the author(s), if any, would you challenge? Why?

Review courses by clicking on a book category listed on this page; or for your convenience, view this printable PDF of the current booklist by category which includes brief book descriptions: 

Printable Booklist/Book Descriptions

Enroll in one or more courses in this series.

NOTE: If you are a DoDEA educator, DoDEA will only accept one Project READ course per semester, based on completion date (FALL: September-December; SPRING: January-May; SUMMER: June-August)

  • Remain on the "cutting edge" in your discipline
  • Relate information learned to your role as a teacher
  • Integrate your learning into your curriculum plans

Each course in this series requires access to the book listed on the course page. We recommend, Barnes and Noble, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development as resources for purchasing your chosen book. Additionally, the Stars and Stripes bookstore, as well as others, can order most titles.

All books have been recommended by DoDEA area supervisors.  If you would like to recommend a book, please contact for procedures to be taken.  New courses are added two times a year, January 1 and July 1.

Book selections are generally available through, and if not, another vendor is provided for your convenience on each course page. Book descriptions can be found on the or other vendor's webpage that is linked on each course page.

Earlier or later editions of the same book title can be used, per the instructor.

Book titles/courses are discontinued occasionally subject to the University of San Diego's determination of current value to educators.  Enroll now to ensure that the book title you want to use is still available for course enrollment.

  • Review the book selections from the listed categories and choose a course.
  • Select and order the corresponding book. Books can be reviewed on the course page, and ordered through or other linked vendor.
  • Enroll in the course.
  • Upon receipt of enrollment and payment by email, detailed course instructions will be available under your account at
  • Upon completion of all assignments, you will submit an electronic file of your completed work by uploading it to the course under your student account for instructor review and evaluation.
    • The University of San Diego is piloting an optional way for you to be evaluated on your work.  We have pre-selected certain courses/book titles to allow for you to choose how you are evaluated. Option #1 allows for you to submit fully written assignments, followed up with written instructor feedback.  Option #2 allows for a conference with your Instructor conducted over a scheduled Zoom meeting, in lieu of a completely written assignment.  This option allows for real time conversation and feedback from your Instructor.  Currently, only courses listed under "NEW! Courses with Zoom Conference Assessment Option" allow for either Option #1 - Written Assignment or Option #2 Zoom Conference Option.* (rev. 9/1/2021)
  • The instructor will provide feedback (either by email or within Zoom Conference*) and will send your final grade to the University to post to your record.  One complimentary official transcript showing your final grade will be sent to your mailing address on file via standard U.S. Postal Service mail.
"Absolutely worthwhile experience, incredible feedback; will be enrolling in [these courses] one per semester." - Shane Horn, Educator, Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA)
"I never really expected too much from a ‘reading response’ program, but as it turns out it’s proven to be more helpful than I ever imagined." - Brian Ewert, Educator, Rescue Unified School District
"After I submitted my final paper I had an in depth, interesting email exchange with my professor that helped me shape my thinking about the content and the course. He was non-judgmental and his tone and the way he approached our conversation was really great. It was a good professional talk about our content and refreshing. I thought he did a great job." -- Deborah Watts, Educator
"I like the array of choices that USD offers. I am always able to find a course that fits my needs." -- Ranae Haskins, Educator, Department of Defense Schools
"Any of the graduate [professional growth] courses via USD including Project READ courses are "well worth the time, money and experience plus the feedback from the instructor(s) is "priceless."" -- Thomas Zonfrillo, Educator, 9-12 Business Lab/Computer Lab, Department of Defense Education Activity Aviano Middle/High School, Aviano,Italy
"Feedback was immediate, thought provoking, and showed that the instructor took the time to read my submission." -- Angela Jestes, DoDEA Educator
"This was a great opportunity for me to gain credit at my own pace." -- Kim Lee Arroyo, Educator, Department of Defense Schools
"This is a great way for educators to keep up with continuing education, working at our pace on what we are interested in." -- Nancy De Caro, Educator, Department of Defense Schools

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