Let Language Lead Your Learning and Inspire Your Students

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Take an individual course or work toward earning a certificate with multiple courses!

The Love of Language Certificate courses are designed to rekindle an appreciation of the beauty and power of language. This certificate program allows you to select individual language or literature courses that spark a personal interest, ranging from writing and grammar (yes, grammar!) to literature and poetry genres or significant authors. Elective courses in this program are guided by audio content, published by the Recorded Books Modern Scholar, in a journey that begins by studying and reflecting on language and literature and concludes with independent writing, research or curriculum projects.  After taking six elective courses, consider completing the certificate program with the capstone course where you will build a culminating project that encompasses all of the Love of Language courses that you have taken.

All of the audio courses used in this series are available via Amazon.com or Audible.com, as well as many public libraries as audiobook downloads.

Who Should Attend

Grade K-12 teachers that want to develop a greater appreciation for language topics, literature genres and/or certain authors' works and share this rekindled or new found interest with their students.

Schedule & Fees

Course # Elective Courses (6 units) Duration SP SU FA Fee
Select any 6 Love of Language electives up to 9 months each IS IS IS $129 each
Course # Core Course (Required) (3 units) Duration SP SU FA Fee
EDU-X723K Love of Language - Capstone up to 9 months IS IS IS $376
One Time Certificate Fee $45
Total Certificate Cost (9 units) $1195
C = Classroom; OFD = Online Fixed-Date; OSP = Online Self-Paced; IS = Independent Study Self-Paced
*Schedule and Fees are subject to change.

Program Details

Complete the requirements below to earn a professional certificate in Love of Language. The certificate can be completed at your own pace. Read Certificate Benefits and Policy.

  • Complete 6 elective courses (6 units)
  • Complete the Love of Language Capstone core course (3 units)

Enroll in individual courses of your choice and start with any course any time to earn graduate level extension credits. The Capstone course is intended to be taken as the last course for the certificate program only.

You can expect the following from the Independent Study Self-Paced course in this series:

  • You can independently work on course work, completing course within nine months from enrollment
  • You will listen/watch resources tied to each course, reflect, and develop connections to be used in the classroom
  • Instructor is available by email
  • Completed assignments are submitted upon completion of the entire course, and then evaluated by assigned instructor
  • Instructor provide provides feedback to your submitted work.  Final grade is issued and posted to your record for transcript
  • Examine and reflect on a number of texts and language related topics
  • Enhance and expand understanding and appreciation for language
  • Explore personal interests related to course content
  • Complete writing, research or curriculum inspired by course content
  • Build toward a culminating project that can be the motivating step to sharing the love of language with your students and others

"I really enjoyed taking the Love of Language: Chaucer course. With each course that I take in the Love of Language [Certificate Program], I look forward to taking the Capstone [course] . . . I have taken several Love of Language courses, and I'm seeing the connections between each course. I'm excited to see how the courses will culminate in the Capstone project. :)" --Lilith Waters, Educator, Gloucester County Special Services School District, New Jersey

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