Top 5 Careers in Digital Marketing That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago

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“The landscape has changed, and so have opportunities.”
—Elva Marin, Senior Program Coordinator

The digital marketing landscape has expanded over the last decade, more and more jobs are requiring digital marketing expertise. Organizations big and small understand that digital marketing has become an integral component of today's business landscape. The need for candidates specializing in niche areas such as content marketing, SEO, paid search and social media. This shift in workforce needs goes hand in hand with the evolution of careers within the business scope. Moreover, with advanced technology and communications today.

The landscape has changed, and so have opportunities in the digital marketing industry.

  1. Digital Marketing Specialist, those who are responsible for digital marketing campaigns and communications to consumers.Starting Avg. Salary: $51,984
  2. Social Media Manager, in charge of social strategy, by managing a company’s networks ensuring communications are aligned with branding and organizational goals.  Starting  Avg. Salary: $48,614  
  3. SEO Analysta Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst is responsible for ensuring that an organization's online content is accessible to consumers by analyzing, reviewing and implementing optimized strategies to the websites. Starting Avg. Salary: $46,466
  4. Data Scientistsare responsible for extracting and interpreting data used to provide insight into data strategy implementation.  Starting  Avg. Salary: $118,709
  5. User Experience Designer (UX), this person is responsible for enhancing websites, apps, or devices by improving overall customer experience. Starting Avg. Salary: $107,880


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